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Vũ Mai Anh Claire Vu

5 signs you are suffering from peer pressure

1. Force yourself to do things you dislike because of FOMO (fear of missing out) I once applied for an internship at a bank and even signed up for a coding class, despite the fact that the subject I dreaded was math and technology. Simply because at that moment, that was literally what everyone else […]

Vũ Mai Anh, Claire Vu

About Femininity

During my childhood,… I was often disheartened when people told me I was too feminine. If someone asked me why I was wearing a dress and being so feminine, I would cover it up by telling them I had run out of trousers to wear. Whenever I came to school wearing my long hair down, […]

Vũ Mai Anh, Claire Vu

9 lessons I have learned at the age of 22

1. “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do” Following your passion is an overly glorified concept. Passion is not everything. Sustaining your life and acquiring basic social skills should come first. You can’t wait until you find your passion to do those two things. Just try to […]

4 thói quen nhỏ giúp hoàn thành những việc quan trọng

4 tiny habits that make a difference

“The way you do one thing is the way you do everything”. On becoming an ambassador for the “Generation E”* campaign, I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Dang Tran Tung, founder of The IELTS Workshop team. From the perspective of people who use English as a tool to develop their work, the two […]

về tôi

I must summon all of my courage to write these lines Recently, people find themselves more energetic when trying out a lot of fields. I jump from doing makeup to sharing English, and sometimes I talk about tips for surviving the difficulties of adulthood. But behind that is not really a strong or ambitious girl. […]

to be a better version of yourself

To be a better version of yourself, do this FIRST.

Remove yourself from all relationships that hinder your growth. If it is a kind of relationship you can’t end completely, such as family or relatives, limit your time surrounding them.  If limited exposure is still difficult to achieve, learn to turn away and not let these words drag you down. Why? Let’s remind ourselves of […]

8 things to study for the rest of your life

8 things to study for the rest of your life

The recommendation of European Parliament and Council for ‘life-long learning’ defines eight key forms of competence: 1. Communication in your mother tongue2. Communication in a foreign language3. Mathematical competence and basic competence in science and technology4. Digital competence5. Learning to learn6. Social and Civic competence7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship8. Cultural awareness and expression But […]


Business lessons from a noodle restaurant

On my arrival in Hai Duong, I was captivated by a strange scene: a long and almost endless line of cars parking in front of a restaurant, despite the fact that the traffic here was generally quite and sparse. Never in my life had I stood in such a long queue waiting solely for…noodles. But […]

cheat day

How to get over the guilt of a cheat day?

This post is for those who have been or are about to get on a diet; those who are eat in tears and shame; and those who purge after every meal. In retrospect, I believe none of us deserve to get stuck in such an uncomfortable and excruciating situation. This procedure below is the result […]