to be a better version of yourself

To be a better version of yourself, do this FIRST.

Remove yourself from all relationships that hinder your growth.

If it is a kind of relationship you can’t end completely, such as family or relatives, limit your time surrounding them. 

If limited exposure is still difficult to achieve, learn to turn away and not let these words drag you down.


Let’s remind ourselves of the good ol’ story about crabs. 

Why do fishermen simply put the crabs in a bucket without a lid? Aren’t they worried that the crabs would crawl away?

Because one crab can easily escape by itself, but it’s a completely different story with a whole cast of crabs. 

A single crab trying to escape will immediately be dragged back down by others.


“When you are trying to walk on a new path, a direction which other people have to think twice about, their natural tendency would be pulling you backwards. What they are actually doing is projecting their own insecurities onto your situation.

It’s also possible that they do this in the name of offering you help, of saving you from disappointment and failure. Unfortunately, not quite — they are keeping you next to them, where they are now.

Therefore, when you really want to achieve something, the biggest challenge is to elbow your way through the crowd in front of you. If this is not done, you will forever remain in that “bucket”!”

(credit: eduviet)

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