Vũ Mai Anh, Claire Vu

About Femininity

During my childhood,… I was often disheartened when people told me I was too feminine.

If someone asked me why I was wearing a dress and being so feminine, I would cover it up by telling them I had run out of trousers to wear.

Whenever I came to school wearing my long hair down, my excuse would always be about how I just had a shower and couldn’t tie them up because they weren’t properly dried.

Now that I have grown up … Being called feminine is a compliment which I wholeheartedly receive.

My entire closet is filled with dresses and I proudly wear them every day.

I don’t just wear my hair down now. Whenever I have the time, I put them in rollers, curl them, and leave them cascading down my back.

It did take some time for me to understand that being called feminine is not something negative. Rather, it is just a lovely sign of sexuality. Therefore, there is no need to feel embarrassed or shy when someone tells you that you are too girly or overly feminine.

Take it as a compliment; they are simply admiring how beautiful you are and how you love and take care of yourself so well. And even if they didn’t mean it as a compliment, you could just think of it as one. Life should be simple that way.

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