8 things to study for the rest of your life

8 things to study for the rest of your life

The recommendation of European Parliament and Council for ‘life-long learning’ defines eight key forms of competence:

1. Communication in your mother tongue
2. Communication in a foreign language
3. Mathematical competence and basic competence in science and technology
4. Digital competence
5. Learning to learn
6. Social and Civic competence
7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
8. Cultural awareness and expression

But why study for a lifetime? Is ten years of schooling more than enough?

Because that is the only way for young people to survive in the age of technology – an era where no profession is completely safe anymore.

In other words, it is not enough just to learn vertically, but also to learn horizontally.

The ultimate goal is to become a communicative, decision-making, creative and critical thinker who can adapt to any career change.


Needless to say, after struggling to translate the above passage, I have realized that my mother tougue is in a rather alarming state. Sometimes we talk a lot about learning foreign languages, but we forget that the most urgent task is to improve our vocabulary and writing style in Vietnamese.

So if there are words/phrases that can have better translation, please comment below.

Ps: There’s a lot to learn but that’s okay, we’re still young.

Cheers to the journey!

Source: Salenbacher, J. (2013). Creative Personal Branding (p.54).

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