Vũ Mai Anh, Claire Vu

9 lessons I have learned at the age of 22

1. “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do”

Following your passion is an overly glorified concept. Passion is not everything. Sustaining your life and acquiring basic social skills should come first. You can’t wait until you find your passion to do those two things. Just try to experience as much as you can, and your passion will find you instead.

2. “Anyone can be your teacher”.

Anyone can teach us a thing or two. There have been countless times when I couldn’t thank myself enough for forgoing my earphones to start a conversation with my Grab driver or talk to a friendly stranger. As it turns out, the world is too fascinating not to delve into it and explore more.

3. “Change is the only constant”. The pandemic has redefined what stability means to me. To be or not to be – the change has to come from no one else but ourselves (Shark Phu).

4. “Spend money on assets, not liabilities”.

Spend your money on assets, not liabilities. A certain amount of money can be spent on a new phone or some pretty dresses to yield some happiness, though quite short-lived. You will soon grow bored of the dress and want to change your phone anyway. Consumerism will make you a slave to money until you are drained. However, it would be an entirely different story if you were to choose to invest with that same amount of money.

5. “It’s okay to feel sad”.

Just simply as that.

6. “Everything happens for a reason”.

Everything that has happened happens for a reason. No matter good or bad, they are all what shape us to become more grateful and appreciate of the smaller things in life.

7. “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

A deteriorating health can be the source of many mental issues and they can influence how we treat those around us.

8. “Baby steps count”.

As long as you are trying to be a better version of who you have been the day before, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking one or a half step forward. Don’t compare yourself to others. Success is the sum of small efforts. 9. Smile with your braces! The braces might emphasize your overbite a little bit. You can fix it by smiling more so that your lips are smaller and your chin looks longer. Do smile if you have an overbite like I do!

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