Những APP học tiếng Anh thông dụng

Most popular apps for English learners

1. Elevate

This app acts as a coach. Instead of monitoring sports activities, Elevate tracks the user’s brain exercises. Elevate’s motto is to develop thinking through language skills training. Therefore, Elevate is a ideal for players who want to both train their intellect and improve their English skills.

2. Cakes

Cake is a free communication English learning app that is suitable for everyone. Cake’s methodology is visual and auditory learning. It uses short dialogues and videos cut directly from real foreign voices and pictures, handwriting, word filling exercises or recordings for you to practice reading as well as listening. In addition, the app saves your learning history, so you can revise your mistakes and review your progress anytime.

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is a free tool to learn vocabulary, concepts and terms through flashcards and fun games, thereby helping learners easily memorize knowledge and vocabulary.

4. Elsa

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is a software that helps you practice English pronunciation. The software is highly appreciated with the use of AI (artificial intelligence technology) to help increase the ability to recognize and analyze speech in a superior way.

5. Duolingo

Of all the free language learning sites available, Duolingo is the easiest to use. Duolingo makes learning a new language so much more fun.

Each lesson will include a variety of question types, listening, speaking, translation and multiple-choice challenges. New words are repeated many times so that learners can internalize them effortlessly.

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