Working in an industry dominated by women and with an overload of beauty, I gradually realized that charm really comes from the brain. 

There were a couple times I was absolutely stunned by a beautiful looking woman (to the point where I thought she must have been able to get all she wanted in life)… until she started talking. 

There were also lots of times when I met these average looking women, but somehow I can’t help falling in love with them, especially for their deep and broad understanding and proper manners. 

That reflection inspired me to put together some Youtube channels about various aspects of life, all helpful and interesting to watch. FYI, watching videos was the method I used to prepare for IELTS Listening 8.5 without grinding tedious practice tests. 

1. TEDed – the “all-in-one”


▪️As a branch of TED, TEDed’s content picks up a little bit of all fields, selectively. From academic topics, such as science, politics, economics etc., to important lessons about love and sex.

▪️Pros: videos are made in visually captivating animation, native English narration, diverse vocabulary, suitable for those practicing to increase IELTS band. 

🔍Suggested video: “Questions No One Knows the Answer to”

2. Oversimplified – world politics and history 


▪️A Youtube channel with sensational numbers (as of July, 2021) 

Total videos: 26

Subscribers: 5.14 million

Views: more than half a billion

▪️If we do the math, the average view count for each video is around 20 million – a number that such quality totally deserves. Taking into consideration those complex topics, you don’t need to try hard at all to digest what’s presented in Oversimplified’s videos – I’m a living proof!

▪️Understanding important events throughout history, as well as political institutions, will provide background knowledge before you approach societal issues in modern days. Let’s not put yourself in situations where your children find out that you, in your 30s, can’t distinguish between World War I vs. World War II.

🔍Suggested video: “World War II”

3. The economist – economics


▪️The Economist (magazine)’s official Youtube channel, highlighting issues surrounding the world economy, characterized by concise information, with captivating flow of video and thrilling background music.

🔍Suggested video: “Will Covid kill globalisation?”

4. The school of life – psychology and philosophy 


▪️This is, in fact, my most-watched channel on the list, and my most gratifying discovery in the past year. 

▪️Deep. Humorous. Sarcastic. Excellent narration by Alan de Botton – a rich, velvety voice.

🔍Suggested videos:

“20 Signs You’re Emotionally Mature”

“Why You Don’t Need to Be Exceptional”

5. Graham Stephan – finance


▪️Graham shares his tips on savings, personal finance, and investment for absolute beginners like himself in the past. 

▪️A big plus: Graham articulates his message in an entertaining manner, which makes his delivery so charismatic.

🔍 Suggested videos:

“The 7 Money Traps That Keep You Poor”

“From $0 To Millionaire | Investing for Beginners”

6. The school of affluence – for women to know


▪️Anna Bey is a Swedish businesswoman. She opened an online finishing school to, from her own experience, share with other women ways you might carry yourself, communicate, and successfully build your personal brand in the society. 

▪️Anna Bey also inspires women to change from the mindset outwards, acknowledge your worth, and from there make drastic transformation to your lifestyle and career. 

▪️With just 60 seconds watching any of her videos, you might be able to tell right away that Anna Bey is a woman of class.

“Sophistication. Inspiration. Transformation.”

🔍 Suggested videos:

“How Law of Attraction Changed My Life!”

“10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear!”

To sum up, the more I dive deeper into the world of Youtube content, the more convinced I am that “I know that I know nothing” (Socrates).

If you have any other suggestions of your favorite channels, please feel free to comment below. Let’s explore this vast and magical world together! 

Thank you so much for reading. Love you guys 3000 ♥️

And remember: Intelligence is sexy ✨



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