4 things you must avoid when learning English

4 things you must avoid when learning English

1. Translate into Vietnamese

That is what we all do when we first started learning foreign languages. Nonetheless, after we reach a certain level, this habit slows down our track of thoughts and hinders our progress.

Let’s take a look at this example:

• Select: Choose something based on a criterion.

• Pick: Choose something from the mass, or choose after careful consideration.

If you only translate into Vietnamese, you will easily overlook these small differences and misuse vocabulary for various contexts.

2. Inconsistency

‘Practice makes perfect’ or ‘Consistency is the key to success’.

This golden rule applies to almost anything we do. And learning English is no exception. It may take months, even years, for you to notice any significant improvement.

3. Lack of practice.

Theoretical knowledge alone is inadequate.

Without continuous practice, stuffing in as much vocabulary and grammar as possible is a futile attempt. Especially when it comes to speaking, there is no short cut to excellence. The only way to become a fluent speaker is to speak English on a daily basis. By doing that, you internalize all the new words, hone your pronunciation and improve your eloquence.

4. Not setting specific goal

If you do not have the faintest idea about your goal, how long you think it would take you to make the first step? Forever.

If you do not have a specific and actionable goal. chances are that you waste time studying a myriad of subjects/topics and become exhausted halfway through.

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