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Lesson 4: 5 basic steps to have ‘glass’ skin | ALL ABOUT FOUNDATION

Step 1: Shake the bottle well before applying.

Whether the foundation is thick or thin, has an oil base or a water base, it is necessary to shake the bottle first. This preperation step mixes all the ingredients in the bottle and helps the foundation slide better on the skin.

Step 2: Always put the foundatio on the back of your hand first for 2 reasons:

(1) Take advantage of your body temperature to make the foundation even creamier.
(2) Ensure the base is as thin as possible. Some people have the habit of pumping the foundation straight onto the sponge, brush, or even on the face. This causes the foundation to be absorbed into the sponge/brush, and makes it unnecessarily thick.

Step 3: Only use your ring finger and middle finger to apply anything on your face.

Adhere to 2 principles:
(1) From the inside to the outside: Because the center of the face often has more flaws, is more prone to oiliness and sweat, it needs more foundation than the outer parts do.
(2) From top to bottom: apply foundation and spread it out in the same direction your facial hair grows.

Step 4: “Fingers FIRST”

Once the foundation has been evenly spread by hand, use a brush or a sponge until the foundation is no longer visible. Avoid pumping foundation directly onto the face.

Step 5: The secret to a thin base

Using a tissue or a cotton pad, gently dab all over the face to absorb excess foundation and oil. As long as the paper is no longer yellow, you have applied the background thin enough. You can use tissue paper and wrap around the sponge to help absorb excess foundation and sebum.

That’s briefly how I create an ultra-thin base. On the next post, we will learn how to make your foundation stay for a long time.


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